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Injured in a Personal Injury Accident in Louisiana?

Our Personal Injury Lawyers Will Go To War For You!

When someone is wounded in an accident, they may endure significant bodily and emotional pain in addition to high medical expenditures, lost wages, and property damage. Our personal injury attorneys in Louisiana can assist you in obtaining the compensation to that you are entitled.

At Alexander Shunnarah Trial Attorneys’ Louisiana office, we employ some of the most distinguished trial lawyers in the country. Our Louisiana personal injury attorneys will not accept insufficient compensation for their clients’ injuries. Thousands of accident victims have benefited from our assistance in getting financial compensation that was much larger than the insurance company’s offer.

Why Choose Alexander Shunnarah Trial Attorneys?

Compared to other lawyers, our attorneys differ in a number of ways. They have proven that they are far superior to their competitors.  In the event that you or your family has been harmed, you can rest assured that our army of attorneys will be on your side and will fight diligently to seek justice on your behalf. Our professionals will take care of everything, allowing you to focus solely on your recovery.

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If you were in an accident in Louisiana, contact Alexander Shunnarah Trial Attorneys at 1-800-229-7989. Our Louisiana personal injury lawyers will help you work through your claim and determine if you may be eligible for compensation.

They Already Hurt You Physically.

We’re Here To Make Sure They Never Hurt You FINANCIALLY.

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Alexander Shunnarah Trial Attorneys is known nationwide for providing outstanding legal advice and excellent representation. We have recovered over $1 billion in lawsuits involving 18 wheeler trucking litigation, wrongful death litigation, commercial vehicle litigation, motorcycle litigation, catastrophic litigation, and mass torts involving medical devices and bad drug litigation. Our prowess in the legal arena comes from our combined years of trial and complex litigation experience.

We founded our practice on the belief that the 7th amendment and the civil jury system is the best means to provide compensation to injured parties and deter wrongdoers from injuring others in the future.

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