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Aviation Accidents

Accidents involving aircraft can have serious lifelong consequences. Let us get you the relief you deserve.

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Commercial Accidents

Within civil litigation, aviation cases are among the most time- and resource-intensive. The resulting wreckage of a mass commercial airplane impact will usually obscure the cause of the plane accident, creating an overwhelming task for the aviation lawyer. By its nature, the litigation associated with these airplane accidents requires meticulous investigation and interrogation of all the elements that could possibly provide insight into what went wrong. These elements include the scene, witnesses, airplane manufacturers, designers, parts suppliers, maintenance records and crews, and industry experts. Consequently, an undertaking of this scale is possible only if handled by an experienced aviation law firm such as Alexander Shunnarah Injury Attorneys with extensive resources that can be marshaled in the effort to represent its clients.

Helicopter Accidents

We investigate the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) for insufficient investigations, poor staffing on crashes, and not producing the correct documents needed for litigation. The NTSB is understaffed. Some of its investigators are undertrained and simply rely too heavily on the aviation industries’ investigators who are invariably ‘assisting’ the NTSB in the official investigation (despite their obvious self-interest). The manufacturers’ representatives to NTSB investigations never identify or produce documents that will assist an official investigation if they are adverse to a manufacturer’s legal interests. The NTSB is forced to rely on the airplane, helicopter, and engine manufacturers’ expertise because its resources are spread too thin and its investigators are inadequately trained.

Private Jet Crash

The search for the cause of a small plane crash versus a major mass commercial plane crash is where the complexity of general aviation crash cases becomes apparent. Personnel experience, aircraft maintenance, and record-keeping may exist with less operational rigor than in the general aviation category, despite these planes having a greater number of take-offs and landings because of the shorter distances they travel in flight. While the same causes, structural defects, pilots’ errors, maintenance deficiencies, design defects, air traffic safety controller decisions, and a host of other factors are often responsible, these additional difficulties in the investigation are compounded with the existing hurdles in any plane crash case. The wreckage of a plane crash impact will usually obscure the cause of the accident as well.

Alexander Shunnarah Trial Attorneys

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