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According to voluntary reports to the FDA from health professionals and consumers in 2011, Pradaxa surpassed all other monitored drugs in several categories, including overall number of reports (3,781 reports), deaths (542 reports), hemorrhage (2,367 reports), acute renal failure (291 reports) and stroke (644 reports).   

Pradaxa is a prescription blood-thinning medication used to reduce the risk of stroke and blood clots in people with atrial fibrillation. We expect the number of deaths and life-altering side effects to climb as investigations into Pradaxa continue.

If you have experienced side effects such as:

  • Unusual bruising
  • Blood in the urine or stool
  • Vomiting blood

It is important to understand that unlike Coumadin (warfarin), Pradaxa does not currently have an antidote to stop bleeding events. Furthermore, this risk is not currently on the Pradaxa label.  

Although Pradaxa has only been on the market since 2010, its hype began long before its release. Prior to approval, Boehringer Ingelheim ran “informational” commercials about atrial fibrillation.

Following the media hype, Pradaxa gained momentum as the result of the “RE-LY Clinical trial” sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals. The RE-LY trial concluded that vitamin K antagonists such as warfarin are cumbersome to use, because of their multiple interactions with food and drugs, and they require frequent laboratory monitoring.

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