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What is Consumer Fraud?

Identifying forms of deception

Consumer fraud is a serious offense that occurs when manufacturers, sellers, or service providers harm consumers by providing false or misleading information about their products or services. This deceptive practice violates trust and can lead to significant financial losses and other damages for consumers. In common law, consumer fraud is typically categorized into three forms: 

  1. Intentional Misrepresentation (Fraud): This is the most egregious form of consumer fraud. It occurs when a manufacturer or seller knowingly and intentionally deceives a consumer by presenting false information as truth. Examples include false claims about a product’s capabilities, origins, or safety. The intent here is to mislead the consumer into making a decision they might not have made had they known the truth.
  2. Reckless Misrepresentation: This type of misrepresentation occurs when a company makes assertions about a product or service without regard to its truthfulness. Here, the perpetrator may not know the falsehood directly but makes claims recklessly without due diligence to verify their accuracy, which can happen, for example, when a company makes exaggerated claims about a product’s effectiveness or benefits without having sufficient evidence to back those claims. 
  3. Negligent Misrepresentation: In negligent misrepresentation cases, a seller or service provider carelessly communicates false or misleading information, typically when the party fails to do the necessary research or fact-checking. An example might be a salesperson providing incorrect specifications or benefits of a product, not out of a deliberate attempt to deceive, but rather, due to a lack of proper knowledge or attention to detail. 

Each of these forms of consumer fraud can have significant legal implications. Victims of consumer fraud often suffer financial losses, and in some cases, health and safety risks may be involved, particularly with products like pharmaceuticals or medical devices. Understanding these different forms of fraud is crucial for consumers to protect themselves. Lawyers at Alexander Shunnarah Trial Attorneys are ready to help as you complete your free case evaluation.  

Understanding more: What’s critical to prove

Consumer fraud can significantly impact individuals who experience it, often leading to financial harm due to misrepresentation. If you’ve been a victim of consumer fraud, it’s crucial to prove the following to win your case: 

  • The representation given was a fact and not an opinion. 
  • The fact was false. 
  • The fact was material. 
  • The representation led to financial harm. 

Shunnarah Attorneys: Consumer Fraud Lawyers and More

Alexander Shunnarah Trial Attorneys handles class action and large, multi-plaintiff cases involving federal consumer protection laws violations, insurance and contract matters, and investor fraud. Our attorneys specialize in consumer fraud and are dedicated to upholding the rights of consumers whom fraudulent practices have harmed.

Why does Shunnarah specialize in consumer fraud?

Our attorneys specialize in consumer fraud due to a strong commitment to defending consumers’ rights and interests against deceptive practices and corporate misconduct. This legal specialty addresses a wide range of issues, from false advertising and defective products to financial scams and identity theft, all of which can have profound impacts on individuals and communities.  

By focusing on consumer fraud, Alexander Shunnarah Trial Attorneys can play a critical role in ensuring transparency and fairness in the consumer marketplace, holding companies accountable for unethical behavior against consumers, and securing compensation for affected individuals. This area of law offers the satisfaction of providing tangible help to fraud victims and contributes to broader efforts to promote ethical business practices and regulatory compliance. 

In addition to providing expertise in this legal area, we’re proud to say that working with our firm provides additional benefits for anyone who has just experienced consumer fraud, including:

  • Decades of Legal Knowledge 
  • Negotiating Skills
  • Focus and Dedication 
  • Commitment to Compensation 
  • Motivation to Proceed
  • Free Consultation

Expert Legal Support for Victims of Deceptive Practices

If you have been injured or wronged by someone else’s conduct, negligence, or fraud, you may have a potential cause of action. Alexander Shunnarah Trial Attorneys offer a free initial consultation no matter the time, day or night.

Our lawyers are dedicated to defending the rights of individuals who have fallen victim to deceptive business practices. We are also committed to holding perpetrators accountable and securing fair compensation for our clients. Whether it’s misleading advertising, fraudulent transactions, or other forms of consumer deception, we’re here to provide legal support.  

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Frequently Asked Questions about Consumer Fraud

Explore our FAQ to get the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about consumer fraud.

What constitutes consumer fraud?

Consumer fraud involves deceptive practices in the marketing and sale of goods or services to consumers. It can include a wide range of activities, such as false advertising, misleading product descriptions, hidden fees, scam promotions, or other deceptive business tactics. The fundamental element is the misrepresentation or omission that leads consumers to make a purchase they would not have made had they known the truth.

How can I tell if I’ve been a victim of consumer fraud?

You might be a victim of consumer fraud if you notice that products or services were misrepresented in terms of quality, quantity, or functionality. Other signs include being charged for items you did not purchase, noticing unauthorized subscriptions or renewals, or finding unexpected charges on your bills. If promises made at the time of purchase are not kept or the terms and conditions are misleading or changed without notice, these may also be signs of consumer fraud.

What should I do if I suspect consumer fraud?

If you suspect consumer fraud, document every interaction related to the incident, including receipts, contracts, advertisements, emails, and conversations. Contact the business to address the issue directly; sometimes, problems can be resolved without legal action. If this does not work, consult a consumer fraud lawyer to discuss your legal options. You should also consider reporting the fraud to the Better Business Bureau, your state’s Attorney General, or the Federal Trade Commission.

What outcomes can I expect from hiring a consumer fraud lawyer?

Hiring a consumer fraud lawyer can lead to various outcomes depending on your case. Possible resolutions include receiving a refund, compensation for damages, or corrective action from the offending business. In cases involving widespread fraud affecting many consumers, your case could become part of a class-action lawsuit, potentially leading to larger settlements or judgments.

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