How can you navigate the waters of an aviation-based personal injury case without the assistance of an expert aviation accident lawyer? Air travel is statistically rated as the safest way to travel. However, when an accident happens it often causes catastrophic injuries or is fatal.

Alexander Shunnarah Trial Attorneys is here to serve those who may be unfortunate enough to be injured in one of these accidents or is a family member of a victim. We are dedicated to ensuring that justice is served, and victims are compensated fairly.

Our Aviation Accident lawyers handle cases for:

  • Commercial Airplanes
  • Private Jets
  • Helicopters
  • Chartered Planes

Most Common Causes for Plane Accidents

History can tell you that aviation accidents occur for a list of reasons too long to cover here. However, three happen more often than the rest. Let’s briefly look at some of the contributing factors below.

Inclement Weather Conditions

The law categorizes these as Acts of God. You may be wondering how it’s possible to get compensation in such a case. After all, who could be responsible for bad weather occurring?

Negligence, in this case, doesn’t refer to the actual bad weather that leads to the crash. Instead, it’s all about how those who should be the experts act when inclement conditions are either forecasted or underway.

Aircraft operators are expected to keep abreast of weather patterns. Furthermore, the onus is on them to assess potential dangers and determine if it’s feasible for a flight to take place.

While in the air, it’s not impossible for a phenomenon, such as fog, or even a storm to catch everyone off guard. Even so, there are standard operating procedures meant to navigate such situations. Sometimes, you find that the designated processes aren’t followed.

Of course, this tends to result in an outcome much worse than necessary. Victims need adequate representation for compensation, and this is where an aviation accident law firm needs to step in.

Human Error

The list of what could constitute a human error is also too long to cover here. Some of the immediate ones that come to mind include pilot errors such as including missing runways, navigation errors, miscalculations through negligence, excessive landing speed, and more. Other reasons for airplane crashes include not refueling, missing maintenance needs, and more.

Technical Difficulties

At the end of the day, all the equipment being used is machinery. If you know anything about electronics or vehicles, you know that they can experience technical issues from time to time.

Often, we find that aviation accidents happen because of mechanical failures. The specific reasons are widespread, and they include structural design flaws, engine failures, or failure for aircraft maintenance.

The owner of the plane and the responsible maintenance team may be liable here if improper verification and servicing activities are at fault. Alternatively, you may find that one or more components are defective, which means the manufacturer would be at fault for the plane accident.

What Damages Can You Claim In An Aviation Accident?

Though we may talk about plane crashes as a broad term, the elements that make up each case may differ. Our purpose here is to assist victims in the filing of civil claims against those who may be at fault. 

The intention of an aviation accident case is to recover a financial sum for past, present, and future expenses associated with the accident. The types of claims aviation accident victims can get compensation for include the following.

  • Wrongful Death: Unfortunately, often a plane crash case is also a wrongful death case. The surviving family members of a victim of a fatal crash may be entitled to claims, such as a lost inheritance, funeral-associated expenses, and even a loss of consortium.
  • Lost Income: Injuries associated with aviation accidents tend to leave victims unable to enjoy the same quality of life they did before the unfortunate incident occurred. Missing work, for example, is one of the more common challenges. This requires us to assess what you were unable to earn as you recover. Alternatively, you may not recover at all, in which case we must consider the probability of what you may be losing as future earning potential. An aviation accident attorney must carefully tread the income waters, so nothing is missed, and the full extent of the law is demonstrated in compensating you.
  • Pain and Suffering: Pain and suffering occur in so many ways. The physical injuries and anguish a victim deals with sit at the center. Additionally, there are the intangibles, such as the mental suffering, and the weight of the emotional toll. An airplane crash can cause many physical and mental injuries, which you can be compensated for both.
  • Medical Expenses: It’s very unlikely that someone who survives a plane crash is not going to need medical attention. You may find that for various reasons, even surviving loved ones may mount medical bills too. This is not a one-and-done expense. Future care or long-term medical costs are very probable elements. This is especially true if permanent injuries are at play. We must ensure that all such factors form a part of the award or a settlement at the conclusion.
  • Workers Compensation: Crew members who were working during a plane crash also have the right to compensation for their injuries. Airline accident cases are not just for passengers, but employees as well.

Frequently Asked Questions About Aviation Accidents

First, we advise you to reach out to an Aviation Accident Lawyer with any questions, comments, or concerns you may have. Cases are unique in nature, and it’s in your best interest to have a consultation to determine where you stand.

Be that as it may, we have heard a couple of questions repeatedly, and we think there is value in covering the responses here.

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How Does An Attorney Help?

Let Our Aviation Accident Lawyers Go To War For Your Compensation!

Undoubtedly, not many things can turn your life upside down as an aviation accident can. There are physical, mental, and emotional effects on victims and their loved ones. Thankfully, there’s no reason to do it alone when you have the expert team at Alexander Shunnarah Injury Lawyers.

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