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6 of the Worst Things You Can Do After An Accident

 Millions of car crashes happen every year, so the odds are you may be involved in an accident at some point. You need to know how to handle the situation accordingly. If you are in a car accident, here’s exactly what NOT to do!

Act frantically, take quick breaths or act hysterically. The closer you are to having a full-on panic attack the better.

“OMG! Here come the police to take our versions of the story! I know how much they love panicky screaming and limbs flailing wildly! I’ll do a lot of that! THEN they’ll know whose fault this was!”

Did someone hit your car? Say the accident is your fault. This will make things easier in the long run for sure.

“My bad! I should have noticed that you are a busy multi-tasker the way you were in the middle of an important text, adjusting the volume on the radio AND turning on your defroster while speeding! I should really be cautious of YOUR needs!”

Don’t call the police, they won’t know what to do. Call your grandmother. She will know exactly what to do.

  “Grammy? Hi… It’s me… Listen… Does your bridge partner still practice law part time?”

Exchange Twitter handles, Instagram usernames, etc. with all of the parties involved. Anything to help your follower numbers go up.

“Hey! You rear-ended me and totaled my car! I should TOTALLY get this neck pain checked out too… but you seem cool. We have, like, 12 mutual friends.”

Take multiple selfies at the scene for Snapchat. Add it to your story.

“My car is trashed because of your reckless driving, but LAWD we look good in this photo!”

Don’t worry about your insurance coverage. Who needs that? Contribute to your shopping fund instead.

“No, no… You see …. Insurance is for the OTHER guys! I am GOOD driver!”

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