Benicar has been implicated in the development of the intestinal disorder known as sprue-like enteropathy. If you’ve taken Benicar, call our offices to discuss your options.

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What is benicar?

Benicar (olmesartan medoxomil) is a prescription medication used to manage high blood pressure (hypertension). Developed and marketed by Daiichi Sankyo, it belongs to a class of drugs known as angiotensin II receptor blockers (ARBs), which help lower blood pressure by relaxing blood vessels.

Despite its effectiveness in treating hypertension, Benicar became the subject of numerous lawsuits due to severe side effects that were not adequately disclosed to patients and healthcare providers. 

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Symptoms and Side Effects Leading to Benicar Claims

For people considering a Benicar lawsuit, it’s important to recognize the symptoms that have been linked to the medication’s use. Consulting with a Benicar lawyer is recommended if you have experienced: 

  • Chronic diarrhea and substantial weight loss 
  • Severe gastrointestinal pain and discomfort 
  • Malnutrition and dehydration due to absorption issues 
  • Kidney failure or complications 
  • Electrolyte imbalances and related cardiovascular problems 

Several angiotensin receptor blockers (ARBs) are on the market, but only Benicar has been implicated in the development of the intestinal disorder known as sprue-like enteropathy.

Core Legal Complaints Against Benicar

The lawsuits against manufacturers and distributors of Benicar were primarily filed because of the drug’s association with sprue-like enteropathy, a severe gastrointestinal condition. This condition can mimic the symptoms of celiac disease, including chronic diarrhea, weight loss, and malnutrition, but does not respond to a gluten-free diet. It was alleged that the company failed to warn patients and doctors about the risk of sprue-like enteropathy and other gastrointestinal issues, despite evidence suggesting a link between the drug and these adverse effects. 

Patients who filed lawsuits sought compensation for their suffering, medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages resulting from the drug’s side effects. The legal actions highlighted the importance of pharmaceutical companies providing complete and accurate information about potential drug risks.  

In 2013, in response to the growing evidence and lawsuits, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) required updates to Benicar’s labeling to include warnings about the risk of sprue-like enteropathy. The litigation and subsequent label changes underscored the critical need for transparency in drug safety and the responsibility of pharmaceutical companies to ensure their products are both effective and safe for consumers. 

Time LImitations on Benicar Cases

Every state has maximum time limitations on when an injury claim can be filed. These time restrictions are known as statutes of limitations. If a claim is not filed against the manufacturer, retailers, and healthcare providers before the statute of limitation expires, the injured persons are forever prevented from bringing a claim against the entities and persons who may be liable for their injuries. 

If you have been potentially injured by the use of Benicar, your statute of limitations may already have expired, or may expire in the very near future. Unfortunately, there is no way for us to tell you without first reviewing the individual facts of your situation. The one thing we can absolutely state is that every day you wait to retain an attorney may be the last day you can bring a claim.

The path to resolution in cases involving pharmaceuticals like Benicar can be complex, requiring detailed medical and legal systems knowledge. At Alexander Shunnarah Trial Attorneys, we offer the expertise needed to navigate these challenges effectively.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Explore our FAQ to get the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about Benicar.

What should I do if I believe my injury is linked to Benicar?

If you suspect that your health complications are due to Benicar:

– Document all symptoms and medical treatments since you started taking the medication.
– Gather all medical records and information about your Benicar prescription.
– Consult healthcare professionals to assess the potential link between your symptoms and the medication.
– Contact a personal injury attorney who specializes in pharmaceutical litigation. They can provide legal guidance and help determine if you have a viable claim for compensation.

Am I eligible to file a lawsuit if I’ve been injured by Benicar?

You may be eligible to file a lawsuit if you have suffered significant health issues that can be directly linked to your use of Benicar, particularly if these problems include sprue-like enteropathy or kidney damage. Eligibility for a lawsuit typically depends on factors such as the severity of your symptoms, your health history, and the strength of the evidence linking your condition to Benicar. A personal injury lawyer can assess your case and help you understand your legal options.

What type of compensation can I expect from a Benicar lawsuit?

Individuals who successfully pursue a Benicar lawsuit may be entitled to compensation for medical expenses related to the treatment of their injuries, lost wages, pain and suffering, and potentially future medical expenses if ongoing treatment is required. In cases where severe negligence is proven, punitive damages may also be awarded. The specific compensation will depend on the details of your case, including the impact of the injuries on your quality of life.

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