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Overview of Burn injury Cases

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Our commitment is not just to seek compensation but to ensure it reflects the real costs of your injury. We aim for a settlement that acknowledges the severity of your experience and supports your long-term recovery, helping you to navigate the path back to the quality of life you deserve.

What Is A burn Injury?

According to the Mayo Clinic, burns are tissue damage that results from heat, overexposure to the sun, overexposure to radiation, or coming in contact with chemicals or electricity. Burns can be minor medical problems or life-threatening emergencies. The treatment of burns depends on the location and severity of the damage. 

Legal experts in second degree burns

At Alexander Shunnarah Trial Attorneys, we specialize in representing victims of second-degree burns and other heat-related injuries, including smoke inhalation. These cases often involve more complex medical needs, extensive treatment, and significant financial burdens due to long-term care requirements.

Unlike first-degree burns, second-degree injuries and smoke inhalation can lead to substantial medical expenses, requiring expert legal guidance to ensure victims receive the compensation they need to cover these costs.

We understand that things may be overwhelming for you after burn injury, and ultimately, we believe that teaming up with an attorney can help you by providing:

  • Legal Knowledge 
  • Negotiating Skills
  • Focus and Dedication 
  • Commitment to Compensation 
  • Motivation 
  • Free Consultation

Who is most susceptible to a burn injury?

The World Health Organization gathers data on burn injuries, and the data reveals several patterns in burn injury risk. 


Recent data indicates that females have higher rates of burn-related deaths than males. This differs from patterns seen with many other types of injuries (besides birth injuries,) where men tend to get injured more often. This is due to open-fire cooking, unsafe cookstoves, open flames for lighting and heating, and interpersonal violence. 


Along with adult women, children are particularly vulnerable to being injured by burns. Burns are the fifth most common cause of non-fatal childhood injuries. 

Additional burn injury risk factors

There are a number of other risk factors for burns, including: 

  • Jobs that often expose workers to fire; 
  • Socio-economic status; 
  • The placement of girls and young children in household roles requiring them to cook and take care of small children; 
  • Underlying medical conditions like epilepsy, peripheral neuropathy, and physical and cognitive disabilities; 
  • Alcohol abuse and smoking; 
  • Easy access to flammable, toxic, or dangerous chemicals  
  • Using kerosene or paraffin as a fuel source for domestic appliances; and 
  • Inadequate safety measures for gas and electricity in homes and buildings. 

Measuring The Impact of a Burn Injury

Burn injuries impact lives in a variety of ways. That is why the potential compensation for a burn injury varies based on each specific case. Victims of burn injuries may be entitled to compensation that covers the severity of the burn injury, physical trauma, medical expenses, future healthcare needs, lost wages, loss of earning capacity, pain, suffering, and emotional distress.

Securing experienced legal representation makes a big difference in your ability to get compensated for a burn injury. Insurance companies may try to downplay the severity of your injury or offer a lowball settlement.  But while you are focusing on your care, Alexander Shunnarah Trial Attorneys focus on getting what is rightfully yours – allowing you to recuperate and heal.   

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Frequently Asked Questions about Burn Injuries

Explore our FAQ to get the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about burn injuries.

What are the common causes of burn injuries that might lead to a lawsuit?

Burn injuries that may lead to a lawsuit commonly result from workplace accidents, defective products, car accidents, and unsafe property conditions. Negligence, such as failing to follow safety protocols or improperly handling hazardous materials, often plays a key role. If your burn injury occurred under circumstances that involved a lack of proper care or safety measures, you might have grounds for a legal claim.

How do I know if I have a valid burn injury claim?

A valid burn injury claim typically involves proving that someone else’s negligence or a defective product caused your injury. Key factors include demonstrating that the responsible party had a duty to ensure safety, breached that duty, and directly caused your burn injury as a result. Consulting with an experienced burn injury lawyer can help you determine the strength of your claim based on these elements.

What can I expect to recover in a burn injury lawsuit?

Compensation in a burn injury lawsuit can cover medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and future medical care, including plastic surgery and rehabilitation. In severe cases, you may also be eligible for punitive damages if the negligence was particularly egregious. Each case is unique, so a detailed discussion with your attorney will provide a clearer picture of what you might expect to recover.

Who can be held liable for my burn injury?

Liability in burn injury cases can be complex and may involve multiple parties, including employers, product manufacturers, property owners, or utility companies. Identifying all potentially liable parties is crucial for maximizing your legal recovery. An attorney skilled in burn injury cases will be able to investigate your accident, determine fault, and hold the right parties accountable.

What should I do immediately following a burn injury to support my legal case?

Immediately following a burn injury, seek medical attention to document your injuries properly. Save all medical records and bills, take photographs of your injuries, and document your account of the incident while details are fresh. Avoid discussing the incident on social media or with insurance adjusters before consulting with your lawyer. This will help protect your rights and strengthen your potential claim.

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