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Shunnarah Personal INjury Lawyers: Legal Assistance in Chattanooga

Personal Injury Law Firm Chattanooga, Tennessee | Alexander Shunnarah Trial Attorneys

The aftermath of an accident can leave you feeling a mix of emotions. Physically, you might be coping with pain, injuries, or the daunting prospect of a long recovery. Emotionally, the shock and stress of the experience can lead to feelings of vulnerability, anxiety, and even depression. 

Financial worries often compound these challenges, especially if you’re facing mounting medical bills and the possibility of lost wages. It’s a time when the support of family, friends, and a compassionate legal advocate can make a significant difference, offering not just practical assistance but also the reassurance that you’re not alone in this journey.

Our Tennessee Attorneys’ areas of expertise

In Chattanooga, having a local personal injury lawyer with access to a wide range of resources is a significant advantage for anyone involved in an accident. When you choose Shunnarah, you aren’t just getting the expertise of one attorney but all of the attorneys in our entire firm and all of their legal knowledge, too.

Our areas of legal practice in Chattanooga, TN

Our team of attorneys specializes in a variety of legal areas and can represent you in a range of cases, including:

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Personal Injury
  • Private Jet Crashes
  • Pedestrian Accidents
  • Premises Liability
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Wrongful Death
  • Consumer Fraud
  • Plus many more

Search below for more information about all of our areas of practice.

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1. Local insight and expertise: A Chattanooga-based lawyer is familiar with the state and local laws that will affect your case. This knowledge, combined with an understanding of the local courts and insurance companies, can be invaluable in navigating your claim successfully.

2. Personalized attention: Chattanooga’s tight-knit community spirit is mirrored in how local personal injury lawyers handle their cases. Expect personalized attention, where your lawyer not only knows the details of your case but also understands its impact on your life.

3. Resource accessibility: Local Chattanooga attorneys have established networks of medical professionals, investigators, and experts who can support your case, providing the necessary documentation and testimony to strengthen your claim.

4. Commitment to community: Alexander Shunnarah Trial Attorneys in Chattanooga are part of the community, not just practicing in the area. This personal investment often translates into a more passionate and dedicated approach to securing the compensation you deserve.

5. Clear communication: The legal process can be complex and confusing. A Chattanooga personal injury lawyer from our law firm can offer clear, straightforward advice and keep you informed every step of the way, ensuring you understand your options and the progress of your case.

If you or a loved one needs a personal injury lawyer in Chattanooga, know that you have local advocates ready to stand by your side. With our Chattanooga office’s expertise, commitment, and understanding of Tennessee law and the community you call home, they can offer the support and representation you need to navigate the aftermath of an accident.

Let a personal injury lawyer from Alexander Shunnarah Trial Attorneys help you find your path to recovery and compensation, allowing you to focus on what matters most: your healing and well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions about personal injury in Tennessee

Check out these frequently asked questions and answers about personal injury cases in Chattanooga.

What qualifies as a personal injury case in Tennessee?

A personal injury case in Tennessee involves injuries to a person that are caused by the negligence, recklessness, or intentional actions of another party. Common types include car accidents, slip and falls, medical malpractice, and workplace injuries.

What should I do immediately after an injury in Chattanooga?

Seek medical attention first. Then, as soon as possible, document the incident and your injuries, gather names and contact information of witnesses, and take photographs of the scene and any contributing factors.

Can I still recover compensation if I was partially at fault for my injuries?

Yes, Tennessee follows a modified comparative negligence rule. If you were within state lines, you can recover damages if you were less than 50% at fault for the accident, but your compensation will be reduced by your percentage of fault.

Will my case go to court?

While many personal injury cases settle out of court, some do go to trial if a settlement cannot be reached. Whether your case goes to trial depends on the specifics of your case, the amount of compensation involved, and the strategy your lawyer thinks is best. Shunnarah Trial Attorneys are always prepared for trial if that is where your case needs to go to get you compensated.

How long do I have to file a personal injury lawsuit in Tennessee?

Tennessee law requires that personal injury lawsuits be filed within one year of the date of the accident. This statute of limitations makes it imperative to consult a personal injury attorney as soon as possible to ensure your rights are preserved.

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