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Depakote is indicated for the treatment of bipolar disorder and epilepsy. The drug is a very effective treatment option for many patients, but is extremely dangerous when taken by expectant mothers, as it has been shown to cause Spina Bifida.

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While conditions like epilepsy and bipolar disorder are not completely understood, there have been many recent advances in these fields. Patients now have more treatment options that are more effective at controlling these conditions than ever before. Depakote is one of these medications, but it is very dangerous if taken while pregnant.

Depakote was first released by Abbott Laboratories in the 1970's for the treatment of epilepsy. Over time it became apparent that while it was an effective treatment, it caused severe birth defects if taken by women while pregnant. This discovery caused the FDA to attach a warning to the medication, and spurred a class action lawsuit.

If Depakote is taken during the first trimester, it can cause serious neural defects in the baby. These defects can ultimately cause Spina Bifida, a debilitating condition that cannot be reversed or repaired.

At this time the FDA has not pulled Depakote from the market because of its effectiveness in its intended purpose. However, there are warnings in place to make patients aware of the risks. Expectant mothers are warned not to even handle the drug.

Due to the severity of the risks to the infants and the lifelong disability, Abbott Labratories chose to settle out of court with the patients who were involved in the lawsuit. Since new claims are still coming forward, the settlement continues to this day.

If you took Depakote while pregnant and your child suffers from this type of birth defect, it is important to seek legal advice as soon as possible. For more information about the side effects of Depakote, call Alexander Shunnarah Personal Injury Attorneys today at 1-800-229-7989.



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