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How to Protect Your Children in the Digital Age

The World Wide Web is a large source of information and a gateway to a multitude of topics. Providing your child with access to a computer and the Internet can present the risk of exposure to inappropriate information.

Implement safe online practices in your household with these tips from Alexander Shunnarah Personal Injury Attorneys, P.C.

  1. Select a Location – Set up a space in your home to use computers or laptops. This central space can provide an area to view what your child is looking at or walk by and see what is on their screens.
  2. Stay Social – If your child is on social media, ask them to provide you with a list of their usernames. Explain to them the importance of staying responsible with these accounts. Check in on what they post and whom they interact with.
  3. Create Sharing Guidelines – Make sure your child understands that anyone and everyone can see what they put out online. Even with extreme privacy settings on their profiles, content can still be accessed. What they share online will be out there forever.
  4. Use Parental Controls – If you think your child is too young to access the full scope of the Internet, consider installing parental control software; see a list of such software here. Take advantage of the tools that can help you monitor their activity.
  5. Reward your child – When your child displays good online behavior, verbalize it to them. Encouraging their safe practices will instill proper online activity.

If you believe your child has been threatened online, or that online predators have compromised their safety, contact our office today!

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