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Dram Shop

Accident and injury caused by negligently allowing someone to excessively drink may lead to serious consequences. 

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What is Dram shop liability?

Dram shop liability is indicative of the laws that are in place to protect the public from the irresponsible behavior of bar owners (and the like) who may serve alcohol to minors or an individual who is visibly intoxicated. ‘Dram’ laws seek to hold both the bar owner and server accountable for serving alcohol to a minor or individual who is obviously drunk, if that person then goes out and injures or kills another person in a drunk driving accident.

These laws do require the plaintiff to demonstrate that their injuries were the result of a tavern owner or server having ‘over-served’ the person who caused the accident. Dram shop laws firmly imply that we cannot simply be innocent bystanders as we watch an intoxicated person get behind the wheel of their vehicle and attempt to drive drunk. Be proactive and step in. The life you save may be that of someone you love.

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