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Protect yourself from identity theft!

Protect your identity against serious cyber attacks. Identity theft affects millions every year. Don’t let yourself be another statistic.

Alexander Shunnarah Personal Injury Attorneys, P.C. has suggested measures to keep your identity safe from cyber threats.


1.    Exclude important personal information, such as address or email address, from all of your social media profiles – Hackers could easily access your information and use it against you.

2.    Check your settings – Make sure your privacy settings are set to ensure a secure profile. View your profile setting every so often due to software updates.

3.    Strengthen your passwords – If your password is easy to remember, more than likely it is easy to crack.

4.    Watch out for suspicious emails – Spam email has evolved and is getting more sophisticated. Never respond to emails asking for personal information such as your bank account number, or to emails purporting to be from the federal government which you are not expecting, for instance from the IRS.

5.    Review your bank statements – Keep a close eye on your statements for unfamiliar transactions. Report suspicious transactions to your bank.

Be smart about sharing your information. Take proper steps to protect your identity against cyber stalkers.

If you think your identity has been stolen or compromised, let us help you!

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