Alex On: The Truth About Corporate Greed

Understanding how corporate greed impacts personal injury victims

At Alexander Shunnarah Trial Attorneys, we believe in providing individuals with the knowledge they need to navigate the complexities of a personal injury, including giving them the truth about corporate greed.

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How Insurance Companies Take Advantage of CustomersDisplays of Corporate GreedStay Informed and Protected

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How insurance companies take advantage of their customers

After decades of protecting personal injury victims, our law firm knows insurance corporations often prioritize profit over safety, leading to negligence and harm. Our clients often turn to us in the face of challenges, such as corporations using extensive legal resources to minimize payouts and delay proceedings. That’s how we know our attorneys play a crucial role in countering corporate legal strategies and advocating for victims’ rights.

Watch this video featuring our CEO and top personal injury attorney, Alexander Shunnarah, who sheds light on the insidious role of corporate greed in personal injury cases.

Displays of corporate greed in personal injury

Insurance companies often present themselves as protectors, but behind the scenes, many of these corporations prioritize their own business and bottom line over customer welfare. Here are some of the ways they get away with it:

  1. Complex policy language: By crafting policies with confusing jargon and ambiguous terms, insurance companies create scenarios where customers unknowingly agree to less coverage than they believe they are purchasing.
  2. Wearing down claimants: Additionally, insurance companies frequently employ delay tactics to wear down claimants. They might request excessive documentation, repeatedly ask for more information, or simply drag out the claims process in the hope that customers will become frustrated and accept a lower settlement.
  3. Undervaluing claims: Insurance companies also take advantage of their customers by undervaluing claims. Adjusters are trained to minimize payouts, often offering settlements far below the actual value of the loss or damage. This practice is particularly prevalent in auto and health insurance claims. This is due to the true cost of repairs or medical treatment often being significantly higher than the initial offer.
  4. Claim denial: Some insurance companies outright deny legitimate claims. They might cite obscure policy exclusions or argue that the claim falls outside of the coverage period. This leaves policyholders in a vulnerable position, forced to fight for the compensation they are rightfully owed. 

These tactics underscore the importance of seeking professional advice when dealing with insurance claims.

Stay informed and protected

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