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Trick-or-Treat Safety Tips

Is Halloween your child’s favorite holiday? It is fun day devoted to candy and dressing up with family and friends. Check out these tips from Alexander Shunnarah Personal Injury Attorneys, P.C. to make Halloween safe for all trick-or-treaters.

  1. Plan your trick-or-treating route before you leave your home so children know where you will be going.
  2. An adult should always accompany younger children while older children should be sure to stay in groups.
  3. Carry a flashlight or glow stick while trick-or-treating to make it easier to be seen at night.
  4. Only visit homes that have lights or a porch light on.
  5. Accept candy at the door. Never go inside someone’s house.
  6. Walk on the sidewalk around the neighborhood, stay out of the street.
  7. If you are driving through neighborhoods on Halloween, be aware of your speed. Slow down and look out for children.
  8. Inspect your child’s candy. Eat only factory-wrapped items.
  9. Encourage your children to walk at all times and not run in the neighborhood.
  10. Be aware of your neighborhood’s trick-or-treating hours.

Everyone wants a safe and happy Halloween for their children and others. Follow our tips to reduce your chances of becoming the victim of a serious personal injury.

From all of us at Alexander Shunnarah Personal Injury Attorneys, P.C., have a safe and spooktacular Halloween!

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