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Should I Get A Lawyer After A Spinal Cord Injury Accident?

Sustaining a spinal cord injury after an accident will change your life forever, especially if you face a permanent disability.

Everyone who suffers a spinal injury will at the very least suffer pain, mobility limitations, and a significant drop in their quality of life.

The only thing that could make a spinal injury after an accident worse is when the accident was brought on through no fault of your own.

If you’ve suffered a spinal cord injury, you will need a support network of trusted family, friends, and medical professionals.

These individuals can guide and counsel you through a medical treatment and rehabilitation program so you can achieve maximum recovery.  

But what about a personal injury attorney?

Can a spinal cord injury lawyer be helpful by offering advice and insight in ways that you may not fully be aware of?

The short answer is yes.

In the article below, we will talk about why you should get a lawyer after a spinal cord injury accident.

What’s a Spinal Cord Injury?

Your spinal cord is a large bundle of nerves that travel the length of your spine, from your brain down the middle of the back through the spinal column.

The nerves work as message ways allowing your brain to communicate with your tissues, organs, and other connective components of your body.

A spinal cord injury damages these nerves and often creates devastating consequences.

When messages from your brain cannot move to the legs, arms, or other areas, it results in a loss of movement.

Some people may become paraplegic, which means it’s impossible to move the lower parts of the body, requiring a lifetime of medical care.

Symptoms of Spinal Damage

Your body will display several signs and symptoms if there’s something wrong with your spinal cord or central nervous system.

If you notice significant pain along your spine or lose control of any part of your body, you may have nerve damage.

Other symptoms that indicate a possible spinal cord injury include:

  • numbness or loss of sensation
  • loss of bowel control
  • loss of sexual function
  • loss of bladder control
  • weakness
  • tingling in the extremities.

Always see a doctor immediately after a spinal cord injury to have it diagnosed.

Causes of Spinal Cord Injuries

Some spinal injuries result from rare circumstances or unknown conditions, but four main events cause over 90% of spinal cord injuries. These events are:

  • Traffic accidents: Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of spinal cord injuries in people under 65. Accidents that occur at high speeds can cause severe injury, including spine and back injuries.

  • Falls Unintentional falls are the leading cause of spinal injuries among the elderly. Simple slip and fall accidents can result in spinal cord injury.

  • Violence

  • Sports accidents Participating in sports is popular among individuals of all ages. But, everyone that plays particular sports risks injury. Brain, spine, and other catastrophic injuries are widespread in full-contact sports.

accident leaves victim in wheelchair due to spinal cord injury

What Kinds of Damages Can Be Recovered in a Spinal Cord Injury Case?

Depending on your spinal cord injury case, you can recover:

  • Medical Costs – Accident victims can recover millions of dollars for medical costs in a spinal cord injury case. These injury victims have to pay for the initial hospitalization and the initial treatments and rehab. Then you have to pay for the additional long-term care, rehab services, and supportive equipment, like wheelchairs, which you may need throughout your life.
  • Loss of Earning Capacity – This type of injury can cause someone to lose anticipated lifetime earnings. Fortunately, some survivors can return to work, often after years of therapy and rehab, but many never return. A vocational expert will testify what the victim would have earned without the injury and the losses of that income from the injury. If you are a stay-at-home caregiver, your replacement costs will be calculated.
  • Life Care Costs – To live with a spinal cord injury will require varying degrees of ongoing care throughout your life. These costs can include everything from housekeepers to nurses and so on. Family members may be able to help, but caring for someone with a spinal cord injury usually requires outside services.
  • Pain and Suffering – Pain and suffering and the loss of enjoyment of life are significant compensable damages in a spinal injury case. Pain and suffering damages are non-economic damages that can include mental anguish, disability or disfigurement, emotional distress, and loss of consortium.

Experienced spinal cord lawyers know how to explain these losses to a jury or your insurance company so you can receive fair financial compensation for your injuries.

How A Spinal Cord Injury Attorney Can Help

The primary service a spine injury lawyer offers is obtaining maximum compensation for damages in personal injury claims.

 If a negligent party caused your injuries, you have a legal right to seek compensation.  

A personal injury lawyer will ensure your legal rights are protected and guide you through the legal process with your insurance company.  

Your lawyer will build a case to hold the at-fault party responsible and seek compensation to offset the massive financial losses that come with spinal cord injuries.

There is a statute of limitations that applies to personal injury cases, and these spinal injury cases take time to develop and pursue.  

So if you believe you have a legal case, you need to contact a spinal cord injury attorney as soon as possible.

Spinal cord injury lawyers know the medical aspects of spinal cord injuries. 

They should have a working knowledge of the injury types and treatment protocols and contacts and information regarding healthcare companies, professionals, and other resources.

At the very least, your spinal cord injury lawyer will monitor treatments and ensure your legal rights are protected while you are still recovering.

Contact a Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer At Alexander Shunnarah Trial Attorneys For A Free Consultation

A spinal cord injury victim has a long road to recovery in front of them.

A huge adjustment is required in most cases and simply trying to live comfortably becomes expensive overnight.

A spinal cord injury survivor cannot navigate such a situation on their own when the physical, mental, and financial elements are already so difficult.

Luckily you don’t have to.

Instead, depend on an injury law firm such as Alexander Shunnarah Trial Attorneys specializing in accident injuries.

Reach out today to schedule a free consultation so an experienced spinal cord injury attorney can evaluate your claim and advise you on how to proceed effectively.

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