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Tips For Driving Safely Around 18-Wheelers

18-wheelers, or semi trucks, have multiple operating limitations such as larger blind spots, long stopping distances and limited maneuvering abilities. There are an estimated 3 million semis are on the road in the U.S. This means it’s crucial for other vehicles to be aware and focused of safety strategies.

  1. Stay Out of Blind Spots

    Unlike a 4-passenger vehicle, an 18-wheeler has 4 blind spots: one directly behind the truck, one directly in front of the truck, and one on each side of the trailer. Also remember that these blind spots are significantly larger than our’s. If you can’t see the driver in the truck’s side mirror, it’s safe to assume that the driver can’t see you, so try not to drive in these spots.


  2. Anticipate Wide Turns

    Due to the length and lack of visibility of 18-wheelers, maneuvering is more difficult than it is for standard vehicles. While highways and ramps are often designed to help truck drivers with this, city streets can be problematic. Drivers should always be aware if a semi truck is turning so they can be given plenty of room. Ultimately, the truck driver must take responsibility for a turn, but being a proactive driver is always safest.


  3. Pass Carefully

    Before passing an 18-wheeler, make sure you have plenty of room, use your turn signal and pass on the left where the truck driver has better visibility. Avoid passing trucks on a downhill slope where they tend to pick up speed. Remember, it takes more time and space for a larger truck to slow down. Cutting them off leads to a greater chance of an accident.


Vehicle safety is important for anyone traveling and it’s essential when you’re sharing the road with 18-wheelers. But even the safest drivers can’t avoid negligent truck drivers. That’s why we’re here to help. If you have questions about a semi truck accident that you have been involved in, please contact us today. Our team of specialized attorneys are experienced and knowledgeable on how these vehicles are operated and the details involved with tractor trailer accidents. Call us today at 1-800-229-7989.